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Request a 30 min initial consultation for CAD $60 here.

Do you find getting healthier daunting and it is getting nowhere or never last? Getting a coach can help you get on track and build sustainable health habits for lasting results, rather than short-term results that don’t last.

Do you find eating healthy or living a Primal lifestyle a rip off? I have successfully navigated this journey and saved thousands of dollars, and I can help you through your own journey, too.

Are you not getting the results you desire from your diet and exercise programs, or do the results never seem to last?

Do you have a nagging health problem that doesn’t seem to go away, no matter what you try?

I am a wild (unconventional, outside the box, primal, cultured and spiritual) and nerdy (scientific, methodical, problem-solving) health coach. My knowledge is a huge messy ball, it ranges from test tubes to hormones to corrective exercises to farmer’s markets.

Being a scientist, I am about beating the problems to death, digging as deep as possible to get to the root cause and fixing it. Sometimes, it’s much harder than using only allopathic medicines to cover up the symptoms, but I believe nothing is more powerful medicine than actually fixing problems at the root cause. (Unless someone is in a car accident and requires emergency medicine.) There is no such a thing as alternative medicine. There is medicine that works, and medicine that doesn’t. Most importantly, though, is that you have to take your health into your own hands.

I currently provide these services both online (over Skype and email) and in person for clients in the Toronto GTA area at Fusion Personal Health Studio (1223 Yonge St.).

Request a 30 min initial consultation for CAD $60 here.


- Online personal training
– Holistic nutrition
- Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

*FDN is an opt-in self care model where I coach my clients through corrective protocols involving diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction and supplementation. Your job is to deal with external stressors, while I help you uncover and handle underlying HIDDEN stressors. HIDDEN is an acronym that stands for Hormones, Immune, Digestive, Detoxification, Energy production and Nervous system. Because symptoms may happen when there are significant malfunctions in the body, we use functional lab testing to uncover these malfunctions rather than relying on symptoms. This form of self-care can often resolve chronic health problems better than conventional medicine. These include problems like difficult weight loss, anxiety/depression, hormone imbalances, chronic pain and digestive issues.I have access to most functional lab tests, including:
The 4-point salivary cortisol panel with sex hormones and secretory IgA (BH205S)
– Stool pathogen testing through Doctor’s Data and Biohealth (BH401H)
Urine Organic Acids Test through Great Plains
– Food sensitivity testing through Oxford Laboratories, Great Plains IgG and Cyrex labs
- Neurogistics urine neurotransmitter testing
* Lab fees are charged in US Dollars as the labs are located in the United States.

I dislike the system where practitioners are paid when people are not well, so I would much rather be on a retainer to keep people healthy than being paid when someone needs to fix symptoms. Getting healthy requires changing habits over time. Also, when any factors that block healing are removed, the body takes time to heal itself. Therefore, I require a minimum of 3 month commitments.

My rates (in Canadian dollars) are
– $800/3 months for nutrition and lifestyle consulting without lab testing
– $997/3 months or $400/month for analyzing test results as well as nutrition and lifestyle consulting.

You’ll 2 appointments/month and unlimited online support.

If you prefer to hire me by the hour, that is an option, too. My hourly rate is CAD $200/hour.

Wondering if this form of health detective work is for you, request a 30 min initial consultation for CAD $60 here. (This $60 will be counted towards future packages if you decide to continue with a coaching or lab testing package.)

Any questions and inquires, feel free to contact me at dr <dot> natchamaithai <at> gmail <dot> com.