The importance of mindset

I heard tons of quotes about how the mindset is the key to everything.
“It doesn’t matter if you lose a thousand pounds. If in your mind you are fat, you will always be fat.”
“The mindset is the key to success.”
“Lots of people try to change their actions, their looks and everything without changing their identity because it’s easier. If you don’t change your inside, it doesn’t matter how much your looks change, you will always revert back.”

Thinking about it, this is probably why I have successfully changed in my life. Something clicked in my head. It may have been easier for me because I’m a decisive, go-for-it type person that I don’t need to see or know everything before I make it happen. Changes are not easy. One most important part of it is believing in yourself and believing that you are changing for the better.

Changing your lifestyle habits is the same, and it’s harder because the results are intangible. You can say you have a professional career so you are always too busy to exercise, but can you believe the most successful people always find time to exercise; because the energy they get from that less than one hour a day makes them more productive for the bounds of their lives. When you are healthy (or relatively healthier if not perfectly healthy), your physical improvement transcends your emotional health, so you gain confidence and a sense of control. Plus there’s no such a thing as rich and fat people. Think Barack and Michelle Obama, Donald Trump. The richest and most successful people don’t put their health in the back burner. Period.

To a majority of people who don’t have my personality, a lot of times it’s about making them believe that it’s possible to change, to get into that mindset. That’s why I learned about coaching and coaching these people in baby steps. In the beginning it’s changing the mindset that it’s possible and will produce positive results. That maybe asking people to take vitamins daily or simply showing up to the gym or grocery store regulary while enjoying some type of positive results. It’s amusingly hard to believe how some people find it hard to just take one pill a day. It’s all about their mindsets.

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