The Ancestral Blueprint’s Guide to Sleep Troubleshooting For all Ages

The #1 key to health and ultimate performance isn’t a diet, exercise or a supplement and it’s completely Free!


Your diet could be completely healthy, and you could be exercising like an athlete, but without this particular element, the time spent in the gym and monitoring your diet is all for naught.

So what is the key? What’s this magical panacea? SLEEP!


When you are not sleeping well, this is what happens:

- Decreased insulin sensitivity by up to 30%
- 24% increase in appetite due to an 18% reduction in leptin and 28% increase ghrelin
- Testosterone, Estrogen and Thyroid hormone imbalances
- Increased feelings of depression and anxiety
- Accelerations in rate of aging and fat gains
- Worsen menopause and reduces bone mass

- Increases inflammation.

- Decreased muscle mass


Sleep problems not only affect you, but they affect those closest to you as well!

- Lower quality of sleep in infants predicts behavioral problems

- Sleepy students have lower cognitive skills and academic performance.


What would you say if you could get the secret to great sleep? Get great sleep, and you’ll be amazed with your workouts and your decreasing appetite!


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Being 3 times more productive…
Effortlessly gaining muscle and losing fat…
Having boundless energy…
Increased cognitive function…
Better management of skin conditions, inflammatory conditions like arthritis…
No more adrenal fatigue or leaky gut…

Sleeping is not about spending 8-9 hours immobilized in a bed. It’s about quality as well. Some only get 4-6 hours of quality sleep though they’re in bed for 8-9 hours. This is a waste of time that’s hurtful to yourself and your family!

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 1.31.31 PM

In fact, nobody’s sleep is optimal simply because times have changed!

Bored young businesswoman yawning

The sun is no longer our alarm clock!

Instead, a bedside clock becomes our enemy – determining when and how we sleep.

 Good morning!

Don’t be a slave to the alarm clock – get the sleep results you need!

Introducing: the Ancestral Blueprint’s Guide to Troubleshooting Sleep for All Ages:


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- Mistakes you are making throughout the day that prevent you from sleeping well
- Sleep biology and why is it important for energy, hormone balances, performance, and everything.
- Instant, dirt-cheap tricks for modifying your environments for optimal sleep
- Learn if hidden health problems are ruining your sleep.
- Ancestral nutrition modification guide to support your sleep
- Evidence-based safe supplementation guide
- How to mitigate the effects of sleep deprivation.
- How to really know for sure that you are getting 100% from your sleep.

Bonuses – how to deal with special circumstances such as:

  • How to help your child sleep well, building the habit of sleeping well for life.
  • (Menopausal women) – Mitigate hot flashes and menopausal-related sleep disturbances
  • Pain management and sleep

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About the author

About the author: Health Detective: Natcha Maithai

Natcha is a scientist, holistic nutritionist, biohacker and fitness coach who follows an ancestral approach. She helps people with stress-related health issues by building health rather than treating the symptoms.

Being a scientist, she is obsessed with understanding the mechanisms behind how the body functions and discovering ways to fix the unfortunate malfunctions. Like a good health detective, Natcha leaves no stone unturned! Through doing health detective work with her clients, she discovered that insufficient or poor quality sleep is a major problem, one that is quite complex to solve.

What people are saying:

I had been dealing with some stubborn hormonal and digestive issues when I approached Natcha for help. I had tried tweaking my diets on my own but could not resolve those problems. I confident that Natcha is, first, a scientist, with functional and integrative medicine knowledge under her belt. I like how she says “Test, don’t guess.” and “What gets measured, gets managed” because I know many people who have been prescribed medications and other natural medicine without “testing.” She is very thorough, detail-oriented, and knowledgeable.

Because she focuses on habit changes for long term health over short term relief, she provided a lot of knowledge and tools I could utilize for life.

Her comprehensive approach to resolving health issues started from changing my sleeping and eating habits, with minimal supplementation. Within the first week, my sleep improved, I became much less lethargic and I started to feel like I was in more control of my health.

I have been recommending Natcha to many of my friends. I highly recommend her to anyone who are in a rut with their health and not finding answers from mainstream health practitioners.

~ Wensy W., Toronto, Canada


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