Skincare and Skin Healing from An Ancestral Perspective

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Did you know that your skincare and body care products could be full of toxic ingredients like?

– carcinogens – cancer-causing

– neurotoxins – destroying brain and nerve cells

– obesogens – making or keeping you fat

– hormone disruptors – causing hormone imbalances

The skincare industry is a multibillion dollar unregulated industry. Anyone can create anything and make any claim about skincare products. It is a profit-oriented business rather than a business that cares about your health.

An average woman is exposed to more than 500 chemicals that humans aren’t made to deal with. So, using conventional skincare could totally ruin your best efforts to eat clean and detox.

The skincare industry can claim that these ingredients are safe, but who knows how safe they are when we are bombarded by hundreds of them all the time?

Want to take your skincare into your own hands, and ditch these harmful chemicals for good?

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Skincare and skin healing from an ancestral perspective 

 Skin Care & Skin Healing fromAn (2) 

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Are you or your child struggling with nagging skin problems?

Have you tried every diet, medication, supplements and creams under the sun just to get your skin under control?

Guess what?  Skin problems are just merely symptoms of what is wrong inside – the Hormone, Immune, Digestive, Detoxification, Energy production and Nervous systems (HIDDEN). These malfunctions may be at the subclinical levels, but they manifest through your skin.

If the problem is inside, no amount of topical creams, oil, lotion or potion will clear up the skin in the long run if you still got problems “under the hood.” The damage is beyond any diet or cream can repair.

This was what happened to me, too. I struggled with and severe eczema for decades. I used to carry around $300’s worth of creams, oils, balms and supplements just to get my skin under control. I have cried myself to sleep in pain from my acne treatments, and woken up covered in rashes. It wasn’t until I started to fix the HIDDN problems under the hood that my skin started to clear up. All those special topical products became unnecessary.

I was a biomedical researcher, so I did research. It is shocking how toxic our skin products are, and that everyone is slathering it on their skin. I also realized that the skincare industry have skin biology backwards, just as much as the Standard American Diet have it backwards.

And if you didn’t know that, now you know, since knowledge is power.

Take this matter into your own hands for you and your family with:

Skincare and skin healing from an ancestral perspective

Skin Care & Skin Healing fromAn (2)

A fact-punched digital ebook with recipes and actionable tips on how to take care and heal your skin from an ancestral perspective.

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Here’s what I will share with you:

  1. Paleo Skincare vs Standard American Skincare
  • Why the skincare industry may be skin health backwards like the SAD diet did.
  • You will learn about skin physiology and how to take care of your skin now that you understand your skin biology
  1. How to save money and control what goes into your body by making your own basic skincare products, and how to source the ingredients.
  2. Other considerations that affect your skin, such as shower, household products, skin cleansing regimens
  3. Why nearly all nagging skin problems (acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea etc) start from inside your bodies because of imbalances in the Hormones, Immune, Digestion, Detoxification and Nervous system; and how to take care of these problems.
  4. A questionnaire to help point out what imbalances or underlying causes you may have that contribute to your skin problems.
  5. An FAQ section – a Q&A bank of questions we get all the time from friends, family, clients, moms whose kids have skin problems


Ready to take action?

There is no better time to start. 

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About the author: Health Detective: Natcha Maithai

Being a scientist, she is obsessed with understanding the mechanisms behind how the body functions and discovering ways to fix the unfortunate malfunctions. This ranges from exercise physiology to genetics and to functional medicine.

Like a good health detective, Natcha leaves no stone unturned!

Natcha helps people with many other difficult health issues such as skin problems. She not only understands the complexity of the situations, but she has also experienced it herself.

She had been plagued with terrible acne and eczema for most of her life.  She cleared her skin and other health issues without medications. Instead, she used Functional Diagnostic Nutrition combined with principles of natural nutrition and science to help her figure out the major why and allowed her to heal naturally.



As a mother of a baby with eczema I was relieved when Natcha introduced me to the Primal Skincare alternative skin treatments. Almost immediately I noticed a change in his skin condition. As a practitioner I am happy to recommend Natcha without hesitation because I know her research is based on both sound scientific and user anecdotal evidence. Anyone suffering from skin conditions will benefit from this ebook. ~Krisha Young, RHN

I highly recommend Natcha to anyone who suffers from nagging health issues and not knowing what’s wrong with them ~Angie Toerner, CHHC

Ready to take action to understanding, nourishing and healing your skin?

There is no better time to start. 

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