Sh*ts women say

It is both amusing and disturbing to hear these from women as a strong girl, someone who hope to make women stronger and healthier. If you belong to these categories, feel free to ask me if you want to know what to do.:
– I can’t lift weights because I am too weak. (That’s why you need to lift weights, babe!)
– I can’t do yoga because I am not flexible. (Inflexible people should do yoga.)
– I just don’t know what to do. (enter the internet?)
– My biceps have gotten so big since I started lifting weights. (Hey, what about your belly?)
– I want to lose my belly fat this year so I do cardio every day. (That’s one way to make your belly bigger.)
– I want my arms to tone up so I will use the 3 lb weights. (Does your grocery bag every do anything close to toning your arms?)

Meh, what would I myself be complaining about?
– I shouldn’t try to lose weight because I am too fat. (Trust me, if mentality wasn’t involved, I’m the least likely person in the entire world to get lean.)
– I can’t do chin up because I am too weak. (Hello, it took me 8 months to get my first one.)
Plug into the equation the obese girl at the corner who is covered in sweat and gasped for air after 4 flights of stairs, who was always blowing her noses. That fat, unattractive, anti-social girl in grade school.

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