What my happy clients are saying

I decided to work with Natcha because she lifts heavy, and teaches women to lift heavy. I was also impressed that she was a holistic nutritionist who really knows how to personalize her services. Training on my own, I wasn’t quite sure with how to go heavier and to achieve my physique goals. 

After 4 months of training with Natcha, I lost 10% body fat and gained more than 10 lbs of muscles. My deadlift went from 90 to 185 lbs. I quit smoking a month into it and didn’t gain any weight. I learned a lot about nutrition and hormone balancing, which helped me drastically.

KS’s measurements over 4 months

As a coach, Natcha is very straightforward, and focused. She knows her stuff, and if she doesn’t know, she would find out like a good detective. She is focused on the job, and never drops the ball. 

She taught me a lot about exercise and nutrition, and changed what a workout meant to me. I have had other trainers in the past, and she helped me push through my shortcomings. That said, she did let me get away with not eating perfectly and being lazy sometimes, knowing that nobody is perfect, but the measurements still showed the results.

I am very impressed with my results. I recommend her services to anyone who would like to advance their workout to the next level.

~K.S., Business Consultant


I was suffering with severe fatigue, anxiety and brain fog. I tried so many things, doctors after doctors, naturopaths, alternative practitioners, and supplements and nothing had worked in the long run. None of them actually ran any tests to understand what was going on with me.

Natcha ran the tests and found that I had stage III adrenal fatigue, severe yeast infection, hormone imbalances, poor detoxification and neurotransmitter imbalances. This made me feel better about myself – that I wasn’t crazy. I have been following her protocols to balance my hormones, fix the yeast infections and the gut, and re-balancing the neurotransmitters.

3 – 4 months into this protocol I am sleeping better, my anxieties reduced, energy levels significantly improved. I now have the energy to do things at night as opposed to being wiped out, and no napping.

I was really anxious that things would go wrong or not work when I started. Natcha was very patient with me and happy to answer all the questions without judgement. Her science background definitely gives her an edge over other practitioners. She doesn’t focus on masking symptoms, but finding out the root causes and systematically fix it. Testing, monitoring etc help you feel like you are taking the right kind of action.

I feel like she is giving my life back. I highly recommend her to anyone who suffers from anxiety, depression, fatigue or those who struggle not knowing what’s wrong with them.

   ~Angie, Health Coach 


I had been dealing with some stubborn hormonal and digestive issues when I approached Natcha for help. I had tried tweaking my diets on my own but could not resolve those problems. I confident that Natcha is, first, a scientist, with functional and integrative medicine knowledge under her belt. I like how she says “Test, don’t guess.” and “What gets measured, gets managed” because I know many people who have been prescribed medications and other natural medicine without “testing.” She is very thorough, detail-oriented, and knowledgeable.

Because she focuses on habit changes for long term health over short term relief, she provided a lot of knowledge and tools I could utilize for life.

Her comprehensive approach to resolving health issues started from changing my sleeping and eating habits, with minimal supplementation. Within the first week, my sleep improved, I became much less lethargic and I started to feel like I was in more control of my health.

I have been recommending Natcha to many of my friends. I highly recommend her to anyone who are in a rut with their health and not finding answers from mainstream health practitioners.

    ~ Wensy W., Toronto, Canada