Zucchini pasta

I fell in love with zucchini. It's such a nice little sweet veggie. It's very sweet and got great texture either cooked or raw, so I just bite the whole thing like I would a carrot if I'm really too busy. It's also a great pasta substitution. I … [Read more]

Don’t compete with the negatives

We all have our own life challenges and it may be preventing you from getting on with your life. Let's learn to stop. Ever got into this conversation when everyone competes about how terrible their life is. "Oh you had it bad. I had it worse. You can … [Read more]

The importance of mindset

I heard tons of quotes about how the mindset is the key to everything. "It doesn't matter if you lose a thousand pounds. If in your mind you are fat, you will always be fat." "The mindset is the key to success." "Lots of people try to change their … [Read more]