My ultimate comfort food in a hybrid – Tom Yam Sukiyaki

In Thailand, we eat Tom Yam as a main course with rice (i.e. we don’t eat soup as an appetizer). Some noodle stands will sell Tom Yam noodles, which is the typical noodle soup with Tom Yam soup. My favorite one is the one with fish and seaweed.

We make Tom Yam soup by boiling lemongrass (1 – 2 stalks), lime leaves (5 – 6) and galangal (1 – 2 inches) in a clear stock (chicken, fish, seafood, vegetables, or anything) then add meat, and you have Tom Yam. Like any other dishes I make, if I don’t have all the spices, one of them is fine for Tom Yam. I also like to add mashed garlic and onions or shallots. In Toronto, I can only get these herbs in huge batches so I freeze them down, which seems to work just fine. I prefer to just add the thin rice noodles because they cook within a matter of minutes, no need to cook rice and wash another container. And I won’t forget soup veggies like napa cabbage, seaweeds, carrots, mushrooms and beansprouts. The soup is typically seasoned with lime juice, fish sauce and Thai chilli peppers.

Beansprouts have been my favorite one because I don’t need to cut them. They are so nutritious and inexpensive.

I make these really often especially in the winter or when I’m not feeling great, and I just add what I have. When I am cutting carbs and want something filling, I use Shirataki noodles which is made from Konyakku (a yam-like plant). It has zero net carbs with a unique texture.

I finish making this within 5 minutes after the water boils (that will beat any pre-packaged or pre-frozen meals that you even have to heat up the oven). Perfect when I’m starving. It makes me feel really comfy and happy, not to mention the herbs in the soup is great for you too.


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