Let’s catch up. It’s November!

Do you realized I haven’t written anything substantial in a few weeks?

My very very bad.

It’s been insane trying to get myself together because my experiments have caught up with me (hence getting home near midnight), my epic eczema flared up and my plan to finish my Precision Nutriton certification before other things get crazy.

All of a sudden when the weather got colder and things got more busy, my new eczema broke out of nowhere. Now it covers pretty much 70% of my skin from the chest up, excluding my face and my back. My chocolate abuse as a form of stress relief literally doubled the itchiness, so I had to give up chocolate. :-(

The typical modern treatments for eczema is some atopic steroid cream, which worked really well for me when I was a little kid. But as far as I know, they only work to cover the symptoms, not at the root cause. And steroids are bad for you, especially in the long term. I simply believe there is no better treatment than addressing the root cause.

Just earlier this year when I visited the naturopath’s office, they told me that the little eczema patches on my hands were caused by my digestive issues. They also emphasized that I would do best service of myself by going on an elimination diet and reintroduce common food suspects to find out what triggers it. At first I was skeptical: how could the skin rash had anything to do with the digestive system? But I was open-minded, so I listened.

Coincidentally, I have been practicing 24 hours Intermittent Fasting every Sunday since September, and at towards the end of every fast, I noticed that my eczema was 50% down, and the itchiness was literally gone.

So food, it is.

Then, I realize that I am in such a unique position. First, because I’m a scientist. I understand most medical jargons and how the whole research world works. Second, because I’m studying Holistic Nutrition and have access to nutritionists with a track record of helping eczema patients and other inflammatory conditions. Third, because I have this blog.

I know that lots of you are itching out there, and you don’t know why. Maybe you wish you aren’t itching but you aren’t even paying attention. Or maybe you are putting that steroid cream on your body.

I complained to 4 people and all of them told me they have it too. It’s just not bad enough for them to be desperate. So, I realize what I learn has gotta be useful to someone else, too. I’m gonna be open-minded and try every single treatment like I am my own research subject. I will share the ins and outs of what made it worse or better, the 20 odd lotions that I have tried. Hopefully, when someone itches and their skin oozes with blood, this will be a relief for them.

That’s what’s on my mind lately.

Aside from that, I finished the Precision Nutrition Certification earlier tonight. While I felt like I accomplished something, this was only the beginning of my journey as a nutrition/body transformation coach. The scary part (although I look forward to) is that they instruct us the coaches to go into the client’s kitchen and help them make it over. Everything is about becoming that magical coach that leaves no stone unturned to deliver client long lasting results. This will definitely help me with holistic nutrition as well.

My next step is to get and read the books that will help me become a better coach. Precision Nutrition Suggested books like Motivational Interviewing, Influence and Switch.

Next is to find a few clients (victims) and help them achieve their new year’s physique resolutions, so that I really become a coach.

That’s it for now. For Monday. I hope I don’t only inspire you (told ya I hate being an inspiration), but I triggered in you some actions of awesomeness.

Upcoming stuff
– When a scientist and holistic nutritionist itches
– Recipes (see those awesome photos I posted on facebook) to impress your follow party attendees
– How to survive the holiday season without getting fat
– My kitchen gadgets
– The best places in town for budget-restricted grocery shopping

Oh and if you want to be my first few nutrition coaching victim, do let me know. This certification is a lot deeper than everything else I have seen before.



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