My Story: Falling down the hormonal flight of stairs as a gym warrior and climbing back up like a scientist

How to rescue yourself after falling down the hormonal flight of stairs as a gym warrior.

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I used to think looking good in a bikini and beasting out were the keys to being healthy, after years of chronic cardio had let me down. I love pumping iron so much that I became a personal trainer to empower other women with strength training.

Exercising, dieting and fasting is good, so more must be better?

Yet, I became constantly fatigued and depressed, my periods became nearly nonexistent, my skin broke out, my stomach went haywire and my cravings were rampant. Falling down this hormonal flight of stairs also led to months off from work and a breakup. I had to pay a steep price for the resulting hormonal imbalances.

Even worse, the fat I had worked so hard to get rid off creeped back up on me on the same “clean” diet and beastmode training.

All the while my bloodwork was spiffy perfect and doctor after doctor gave me a clean bill of health.

Rather than getting on ten medications to take care of all the issues that I had, the scientist in me knew that there was another answer. I knew that something was fundamentally wrong with the way I treated my body, although I was the perfect poster child of the fitness industry.

On my quest to understand what had happened, I discovered functional medicine, the real Health Care, not Sick Care. As a life-long scientist, I find that the more I learn about functional medicine, the more it makes scientific sense to me. Through health detective work (nutrition, supplementation, stress management, functional lab testing, hormone balancing, environmental optimization, manipulating exercise variables, etc) and leaving no stone unturned, I restored my health while getting stronger.

As I heal myself, I encounter countless weightlifting sisters who face similar issues. I just can’t help but sharing what I’ve learned along the way, such as:

1. Women have different physical training needs from men.

2. Stress is cumulative. Dieting and Exercising are ALWAYS  stressors and will be beneficial only if I can recover from it. It is possible to find a hormonal sweet spot to be lean, strong and healthy. This can be done by balancing out stresses from exercise and everything else in life, but unnecessarily stresses must be eliminated.

3. While it is better to prevent catastrophic health situations as described, it is also possible to restore health to feeling like my hottie badass self again.

Being the passionate person that I am, I can’t keep my mouth shut, which is why I do free live trainings for you fellow strong sisters.

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  1. Emily says


    I really want to see your webinar as after reading this….it sounds like it wikl really help me as I have many of the issues you have described. Although in uk time I think it will be live at 4.30pm and I will be out…..GUTTED! Please can you record it and post it on your site maybe?



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