Nothing is wrong with you. Here’s why.

This video by Dr. Sachin Patel captivated me when he used this analogy: people who come to see him (after several practitioners) are so occupied with looking for what’s wrong with their bodies. It’s almost like when they drive their cars poorly, and when a mechanic can’t find any problems with the cars, they keep going to other mechanics trying to find the problem. A human body is amazingly great at fixing itself and ensuring its survival. Trillions of cells work together beautifully.

When you feel symptoms of chronic health problems like PMS, cramps or irregular periods or IBS, your body has tried its best to survive. Apparently it is malfunctioning at some levels. The problem is if we get so fixated on diagnoses and having a pill for each diagnosis, the actual malfunctions will most likely not be resolved.

My mission here is to change this backwards mentality, so you understand the physiology behind all of this. I’ve heard nearly every woman I’ve consulted telling me that their doctors have not been able to help them understand what’s going on, or that lab tests all came back normal and they are clueless. While I’m not against conventional medicine, I strongly disagree with the practice model that fails to transparently educate. I want you to understand all your options and weighting risks vs benefits before making your own health decisions. Everything is important and everything is connected. Then there’s the biochemical individuality, which means that it can take a very different approach for you than for another person even though both of you have the same symptoms.

As a wellness geek, I used to like internet info like “7 benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar” or “10 Foods For Fertility’. Now that I really understand much more about these chronic health problems, I have grown to not like these blog posts as much. Pushing natural remedies to resolve symptoms is no difference from pushing pills if the root causes are not being addressed. Then I realize that the only way I can teach this is through case studies.

Join me live next Tuesday at 8 PM ET so we can go through 3 case studies together. I’ve gathered data from three different women who have been struggling with hormonal issues – short cycles, very long cycles, terrible PMS and cramps. You name it.


From this webinar, you will get clarity on:
1. Symptoms-focused medicine vs evidence-based health detective work
2. Why the former fails to resolve your chronic health problems, and why the latter is better both to resolve chronic health problems and long term health.
3. Physiology behind common hormonal problems, especially among women who lift weights
4. Common lifestyle and dietary modifications to help with hormone balances in the right contexts

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