Breakfast cereals? Eww…

Breakfast cereals now make me say EWW…

We are all such victims of marketing.

I know. I have been, too.

Back in the day I used to hoard like 10 different types of cereals, mueslis and granolas because they looked healthy. The nutrition encyclopedia that I read also talked about the food pyramid with grains at the bottom. [Now, I also hear nutritionists criticizing this food pyramid almost daily and mocking the Standard American Diet as the SAD diet.]

Needless to say, towards the end of every class, I was counting the minutes towards my lunch hour and nothing at lunch ever filled me up. I was angry for having such a big appetite and not being able to control my weight.

During university I regularly had Special K for breakfast before class, and within 2 hours I was more hungry than if I hadn’t eaten. Some days I had time to visit the cafeteria and filled my tummy with eggs, sausages and potatoes. Those turned out to be days that I took way better notes than days that I had cereals for breakfast.

Eventually, it registered to me that I needed some solid protein for breakfast. So, I switched to something nostalgic: dumpling and seaweed. I started hoarding frozen dumplings instead. I learned to make my own dumpling and (yes, you hear this right) dim sum.

Doesn’t sound like breakfast to you? Lots of Asians have dumpling or dumpling variations for breakfast, or even normal dinner foods for breakfasts.

Years later as I learned more about nutrition, here’s what I found

1) You are probably paying more to get entertainment in a bowl than nutrition. Look at all the colorful designs on the box and the story behind it.

2)  The breakfast cereals originated from the porridge they give prisoners… if you remember what you see in medieval movies. Why would you wanna eat that?

3) Breakfast cereals are processed foods, no matter how healthy it looks to you. Gluten free, high fiber, low fat etc, are bullshit. It’s going to mess up your hormones and make you more hungry in the end, especially if you have insulin sensitivity issues. The end result: it makes you fat. Oh and did I mention additives, colors and preservatives? What about GMO corns, soys, the myriads of sugar?

And I don’t mean just the boxed breakfast cereals. I mean, ditch any starch or sugar-heavy breakfast altogether (bagels included).

Stop justifying the fact that you bought the breakfast cereals. If you will, get ones that are single ingredient-based and non-GMO. Save them for a post-workout meal when your muscles really are looking for that kind of carbohydrates.

That might change your life in a major way like it did to me, beyond getting me better grades and helping me get more work done.

Charles Poliquin recommend the meat and nut breakfast  as optimal for health, performance and body composition. I quickly embrace this concept because it resonated well with my experience, and I’m leaner than ever before.

Give yourself a couple of days and do an experiment when you have solid protein and fat sources for breakfast. Ditch the common connotations of breakfasts, too. Observe how you feel with respect to mood, concentration, hunger, energy level throughout the day.

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